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Wordpress Hosting

Fastest free webhosting for your wordpress, get ready to fly with your site!

Fast Loading

We are running faster than you think, with SSD web space and high speed cables you never going wrong!

Unlimited Possibilities

We do not limit your bandwidth, you are free to go, free and unlimited, does it exists?

Free website templates

We are giving to you the abillity to build your website quick and easy!

Up to date

Our server is always up to date, so we got you covered!


We are running the most lightweight webserver, why you wanna go on slow webhosting providers with apache?

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We have everything setup, double Firewall and Mod Security, we got you covered!

High performance

Even if you have a website which is running slow else where, try us!

Professional support

In case you want support, we can help you anytime!

Free & Secure

Why not? We giving you the ability to install SSL on your website, no more man in the middle.

Behind Dallas

Our webhosting server is located at Dallas.


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Space: 400MB

FTP Accounts: 1

Subdomain: 1 (Free)

Databases: 1 (Free)

Security: Firewall & Mod Security

PHP: 5.6

SSL: Not Supported

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Space: 2GB

FTP Accounts: Unlimited

Domains: 5

Databases: 5

Security: Firewall & Mod Security

PHP: Any you like

SSL: Supported

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Space: 5GB

FTP Accounts: Unlimited

Domains: Unlimited

Databases: Unlimited

Security: Firewall & Mod Security

PHP: Any you like

SSL: Supported

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Instant?

Since you have paid you are going to have your package as soon as possible within 24 hours.

That is cause paid hosting packages are going to be installed based on your needs.

Our webhosting server is located at Dallas, however doesn't mean that your website cannot be accesed from anywhere around the world, so yes will be world wide available.

In paid packages, you may access your control panel and then scroll down to the bottom, you should see one click apps there.

No hidden fees, which means we are not going to charge you extra amount of money for the instant applications which they are also free.

You can contact us 24/7 support via ticket from our website, however you can give us a call in case of emergency problems may cause.

Join over 1M+ people who uses Instant App

We are using instant app feature in order to make you happy, instant setup and quick as the light of the sun.

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